Meet the Professionals of Hoofbeats Equine Service

Brandy Phelps Ashman, DVM - Owner and Veterinarian
Dr. Brandy Phelps was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina.  She quickly developed a love for animals.  Her desire to become a veterinarian evolved as she cared for several sick animals on her family’s farm.  As a result, she began working for a veterinarian at the age of 13.  She continued to gain veterinary experience throughout high school and college.  She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science in 2002 and graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. Dr. Phelps remained focused on horses throughout veterinary school.   After graduating and moving to Virginia, she developed a special interest in chiropractics and graduated from animal chiropractics school in 2008.  After successfully completing the course in both small and large animal chiropractics, she received her certification by the International Veterinary Chiropractics Association.   In addition, Dr. Phelps has an interest in emergency management and disaster relief and serves as a member of the National Animal Health Emergency Response Corp.

Dr. Phelps always dreamed of practice ownership and began Hoofbeats Equine Service, LLC in 2009.   She strives to treat your family as if you were her own.   Dr. Phelps’ four legged family includes 2 dogs, named Ringy and Willow. She also currently owns 2.2 horses, 2 paint horses, Mo and Ozzy and a miniature horse named Rooster.  Dr. Phelps enjoys marathon running, outdoor activities, and crossfit in her free time. 

Melissa O'Hara, DVM - Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Melissa O'Hara is a 2015 graduate from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Born and raised on the east coast of Florida, she grew up on the back of her Paint pony Duchess competing in 4-H and local shows. Dr. O'Hara began working in the veterinary field in 2006 and has maintained an avid interest in equine medicine, which she pursued at LSU. In addition to general and preventative medicine, she has a special interest in lameness and sport horse medicine. Dr. O'Hara also enjoys riding her horses, cooking, hiking, and hanging out with her hound dog Fred. She is very excited about moving to Virginia, and becoming a part of the Hoofbeats Team.

Tina Chavis - Veterinary Assistant
Tina Chavis, otherwise known as “T,” realized her love for horses at age 12 when learning to ride on a neighbor’s horse.  Tina’s family began representing the Native American population by dressing in custom Native American attire and riding their horses in local parades.  Her love of horses continued as she began to pursue a career as a veterinary assistant.  She has been working in veterinary medicine for over 10 years.   She currently has 9 horses of her own.  Tina has a special interest in Foundation Quarter Horses and bloodlines.  She enjoys trail riding and cooking in her free time. 

Angela Morris - Office Staff
Angela was born in Lynchburg Va and grew up in Chesterfield Va. Thanks to her family her love affair with horses began around age 4 and she began showing in local shows at age 5. As she got older she would spend her summers back in Lynchburg with family showing in Western Pleasure and Game Classes. She currently has three Quarter horses, Cody, Poco, and Bill and she also has a mini named Little D. She currently enjoys taking her horses on trail rides and trail competitions. After working in the medical field for 20 years she decided she wanted to work in animal health field. In addition to her love of horses she loves her dogs, cats, chickens and turkeys. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She is very excited to be part of the Hoofbeat’s team!

Lee Horgan - Veterinary Assistant
Lee started her love affair with horses at a very young age. Her Daddy was a farm boy and had been in the last VMI Calvary. She started with a mare pony and her foal. By age 12 , she had a yearling to raise. Lee was married, divorced and raised a daughter so for many years couldn't afford a horse of her own. She would ride any horse offered to her. After her daughter graduated from college, she saved her money and bought a quarterhorse. Currently she has two horses, a QH gelding and a Rocky Mountain mare. Lee loves trail riding in and out of state with friends. Lee has always dreamed of becoming an equine veterinary assistant and we are happy to welcome her!

Brandy Phelps
Brandy Phelps
Tina Chavis
Angela Morris
Lee Horgan